About Boston

Essayist Oliver Wendall Holmes once described Boston as the "hub of the solar system", and the Hub it is! This beautiful city on the bay is richly endowed with landmarks of historical significance and unlimited cultural and entertainment possibilities. It is a relatively compact city, and most of the major places of interest are within walking distance of each other.

The greater Boston area is served by an excellent transportation system, which includes an underground railway - the T- and is by far the easiest way to travel into and around the city. Logan Airport, served by over 60 airlines, is located close to Boston's downtown area and can be quickly reached via the subway.

Second only to San Francisco in popularity with tourists, Boston is a cultural mecca as well as the site of year round outdoor fun. The museums and art galleries contain internationally known treasures, many of which were donated by wealthy residents who purchased them in Europe during the 19th century. Boston has a fine opera company, The Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, blues, folk, bluegrass, and rock venues.

Boston is a favorite with families. Year round activities include skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Spring and summer bring white water rafting, mountain climbing, hang gliding, kayaking, surfing, hiking, and windsurfing. Only a few miles outside Boston are some outstanding seaside spots that are clean, beautiful, and accessible.

Boston is home to some top sporting teams. The Boston Celtics are America's most famous professional basketball team and few teams have a more illustrious history than the well-known Boston Red Sox, New England's only major-league baseball team. New additions to the sports scene are the popular New England Revolution and the Boston Breakers soccer teams.


Although encouraging economic growth, Boston retains much of its historic beauty. Landmarks and their surroundings have been carefully preserved over the years. Boston is described as the birthplace of the United States and is justifiably proud of the role it played in America's struggle for independence. The Freedom Trail brings to life the details of that heritage. The Trail is a walking tour that encompasses three miles of some of the most fascinating aspects of the years between 1630 and the early 1800s. Over 20 sites, some dating back to the time of the arrival of the first Europeans, are part of this stroll through history.


Boston is the gateway to New England, a region of unique charm and exceptional beauty. A visit to the area in the fall is an incomparable experience, as Mother Nature reveals the full palette of autumn colors, and leaves are transformed to hues of fiery red, glistening gold and bright orange. In December Boston becomes a truly magical place as the many trees in the city center sparkle with thousands of lights.

Shopping is a favorite year round activity in Boston. Located in the center of Boston, four buildings collectively known as Faneuil Hall Marketplace and individually as Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market are filled with the activity of shoppers, diners and sightseers day and night, attracting millions of enthusiastic visitors a year. The structures are grouped around a cobblestone promenade where jugglers, magicians, mimes and bands continually entertain passersby.

Clothing boutiques in the best shopping areas offer everything from great bargains to the ultimate in chic. Three or four of the best-known outlets are within a short driving distance of Boston. Bookshops, antique and collectible shops abound.


Visitors to Boston will find everything from the finest in international dining to bistros and cafes. Boston has an extremely impressive array of dining and drinking choices. This ethnic melting pot brings to the table an eclectic selection of menus. Seafood is a Boston favorite and so is the traditional Yankee boiled supper, but there is also authentic Italian, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Moroccan cuisine. On almost every corner of urban Boston you can find a casual pub or a swanky, retro-style lounge or nightclub, and even though it is a small city, there is an impressive club scene.

Boston offers something for everyone, from museums to professional sports and from the freshest of seafood to the finest Asian cuisine, Boston is not just a wonderful place to visit, but it is also a great base from which to launch an exploration of New England and the Atlantic coast. Whether its a vacation with the entire family, an intensive solo shopping expedition, a journey into history with a grandchild, an "escape from stress" weekend for two, or a myriad of other relaxing and enriching opportunities, Boston is the place to go.

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