The city of Boston is focused on creating a healthy population and they encourage residents and visitors to bicycle to their destinations. The city has developed a number of bicycle rental locations to make this mode of transportation more accessible to the public. Boston's goal is to become a first-class bike destination to create a healthier atmosphere in town.

Commuter Rail
Operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, the Commuter Rail system in Boston allows you to travel from one end of town to the other, bringing you to within a short walk of your shopping and entertainment destinations. The commuter rail includes using buses as well as the subway. The Commuter Rail system is very popular with the local residents, transporting them from downtown to the outlying communities and averaging more than 300,000 riders per day.

Amtrak/Coach Buses
If you are trying to travel to Boston from any of the nearby cities or from other locations then consider traveling on the Amtrak by train or coach bus. The Amtrak Northeast Regional line runs through Boston from cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and other areas. Amtrak operates from three different stations, including the Back Bay Station, the South Station and the North Station, so you can have easy access to the train from anywhere in town.

Taxi Cabs
When you want an easy way to get around Boston, consider traveling by Taxi Cab. Due to the cities many tourist destinations as well as entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants and other activities, there are several taxi cab companies in town that provide service to the public. You can catch a cab in front of your hotel or wherever you need for a cab to pick you up, taking you to your next destination or your hotel. Taxi rates are reasonable, considering that most attractions in Boston are located within a short distance of hotels or other activities.

Boat/Water Taxi
If you need to travel across the bay to get to your destination or activity, you can catch one of the water taxis that are available to serve the public. The water taxis help to connect neighborhoods like East Boston or Charlestown with the rest of Boston. Using a boat or water taxi can help you avoid the crowds on other public transportation venues, giving you a more relaxing trip and saving you some time.


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