Local Boston Events

The Bowdoin-Geneva Main Streets Multi-Cultural Festival honors Boston’s immigrants. The Bowdoin-Geneva Main Streets Multi-Cultural Festival takes place at Reverend Allen Park near Talbot Avenue and Moutrie Street. It features live concerts, wonderful food and artist demonstrations that celebrate the artistic contributions of Boston’s immigrants. Be sure to attend the artist demonstrations to learn how Boston’s immigrants have contributed to Boston’s art scene.

The Boston Cyberart Festival celebrates the artistic capabilities of today’s computer technologies. The Boston Cyberart Festival takes place at the Atlantic Wharf located on Congress Street. It celebrates the contributions of visual artists, dancers, musicians, electronic media experts and webmasters who use today’s computer technologies to create amazing works of art. Be sure to visit the displays that dot the Atlantic Wharf during the festival to lean about how computers have changed how we think about art.

Enjoy the Patriots’ Day celebrations that take place at Boston City Hall. Patriots’ Day is a Massachusetts holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. It features a flag raising ceremony, a parade and a reenactment of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride that occurred in 1775. Be sure to arrive early at Boston City Hall to reserve your favorite spot.

The Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival showcases the world’s best musicians. The Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival takes place around Boston’s historic South End District. It features more than 30 concerts that showcase the world’s finest blues, groove, Latin and Jazz musicians. It also includes great food, face painting, photo booths and an art bazaar.

Be sure to visit the Circle-the-City Festival to celebrate fitness. The Circle-the-City Festival takes place at Franklin Park. It celebrates Boston’s commitment to fitness. It includes live concerts, farmers markets, bike clinics, yoga classes, dance demonstrations and cooking demonstrations. Be sure to attend this festival to learn about how you can incorporate biking, walking and yoga into your busy schedule.

The Chinatown August Moon Festival offers families a great way to learn about Chinese culture. The Chinatown August Moon Festival takes place inside Boston’s Chinatown District located near the Leather District. It features traditional Chinese dancing, food and martial arts demonstrations. Many locals and visitors enjoy visiting the Moon Festival because it features lion dances that feature vibrant costumers and energetic dance moves.

Finally, attend the Lilac Sunday Festival to celebrate the arrival of spring. The Lilac Sunday Festival takes places each year at Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum. It celebrates the lilac’s special qualities that have made it a special favorite with gardeners around the world. It features picnics, family-friendly activities and special displays of the Arnold Arboretum’s collection of lilacs. Be sure to visit the festival during the middle of day to enjoy the festival’s full splendor.

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