About Boston's Hynes Convention Center

Built in 1988, the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston is large enough to host large conferences and trade shows, but offers the flexibility to provide space for smaller, more intimate events. The facility, which was designed by architects Kallmann, McKinnell and Wood, has 193,000 square feet and can accommodate as many as four events at one time. There is 71,644 square feet of meeting space, which includes 38 permanent rooms. Each of these rooms has electrical, Internet and phone access. A sound system is also available in many of the rooms. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority owns the convention center.

The Hynes Convention Center replaced a previous facility that was thought to be old and outdated. It is named after John Hynes, the former mayor of Boston. The facility is climate-controlled, which is beneficial because it can be used throughout the year no matter the weather. Sky bridges connect the convention center to nearby hotels, restaurants and shopping destinations bringing adding an extra benefit to its all-season feature. A cafeteria and coffee house is located in the lobby. The area can hold between 400 and 500 people at one time. The 24,544 square foot Grand Ballroom is an additional feature that is perfect for parties or receptions and can be used as one large space or can be divided into three smaller spaces. The Exhibition Halls, which covers two floors, includes 176,910 square feet. Like the meeting rooms, electrical, telephone and Internet access are available in these spaces for events.

Among the many events that can be held at the Hynes Convention Center are conventions, conferences, trade shows, training sessions, receptions and other executive functions. Anime Boston, which brings about 19,000 attendees every year, is one of the annual conventions at the facility as well as the Harvard Model Congress and First Night, a New Year's Eve event. These events demonstrate the flexibility of the space.

The facility is in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and wheelchairs are available for guests who need them. An event manager is also available to help organizations with event planning. The manager will provide site visits and on-site assistance when needed. Catering and cleaning staff assistance is available, and the technology staff can help any organization planning an event deal with issues such as live international broadcasts, local area networking and satellite availability.

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