Boston Weather

Winter in Boston is variable. Some winters are brutally cold and there is a lot of snow. Other winters are mild and come with barely any snow. Winters can also be relatively mild with a lot of snow or bitterly cold with no snow. However, no matter the year's winter weather trend, visitors and residents of Boston should always be prepared for inclement weather in the winter. The city is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, so the wind can be tremendous and even sunny days can require heavy clothing.

Spring in Boston is as variable as winter, though less extreme. Heavy rain and winds are not uncommon. Boston has also been known to have snow in the spring, as well as bouts of weather that can feel like summer. It can be sunny and warm one week and almost as cold as winter the next. Residents are typically prepared for this. Visitors should be as well. It is advisable to bring a coat, long clothing and light clothing if the stay is longer than a week. Otherwise, checking the weather report and packing based on that should suffice. Average lows for the spring months can

Summer in Boston is the best time of year. The parks offer a lot of shade and the boats are in the water. It is typically anywhere between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even cooler summers offer warm, sunny days in this famous walking city. Boston does get some rain, sometimes a lot of it, in the summer and droughts are not as bad as in other parts of the country. Sometimes, it can rain off and on for weeks. Humidity is very common.

The cold winds start coming in during the fall in Boston. The air gets a chill in it and, though there may be warm days, most days require at least a light jacket. There is some precipitation, but it is the cold wind that defines autumn in Boston.

Boston can be hit with severe storms at any time of the year. The area has been known to get hurricanes, extreme blizzards, flooding rains and Nor'easter activity. There are also tornado warnings on occasion, though they usually occur outside of the city. Sudden or violent storms in Boston can create an emergency situation. Preparedness is very important.

Average Temperatures
January: High 36 – Low 22
February: High 39 – Low 25
March: High 45 – Low 31
April: High 56 – Low 41
May: High 66 – Low 50
June: High 76 – Low 60
July: High 82 – Low 65
August: High 80 – Low 65
September: High 72 – Low 57
October: High 61 – Low 47
November: High 52 – Low 38
December: High 41 – Low 28

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