About Boston's Tufts New England Medical Center

Tufts Medical Center has a notable history. By being founded in the very infancy of the country in 1796, it is one of the earliest hospitals to open its doors in the new country called the United States. The hospital had donors when it first began, and one of the first was none other than Paul Revere.

People commonly believed that sea air was beneficial to human health, so the first building of this hospital was not a building at all; it was a ship. Specifically, the children's hospital was a ship, and two subsequent watercrafts spent over three decades traveling the seas until the second one burned. This led the hospital to its permanent location on land.

After the hospital became stationery, the medical facility was able to associate itself with several other entities. Amongst these were Trustees of Tufts College, Pratt Diagnostic Clinic and Tufts University School of Medicine. Demonstrating how close the relationship was growing between the hospital and the university, the medical facility acquired the name Tufts-New England Medical Center in 1968. Currently, the facility's name is Tufts Medical Center but it is known as a teaching hospital.

Tufts Medical Center is a place where research has led to great advances in the medical industry. The most notable of these advances belongs to the area of organ transplantation. Because of the research done at Tufts Medical Center, patients can now receive drugs that prevent the human body from rejecting transplanted organs. The entire medical profession owes it to Tufts Medical Center for the knowledge that obesity and heart disease are linked. As a reward for its great contributions to the medical field through its research, Tufts Medical Center is one of the top five recipients of research grant money.

Tufts Medical Center is a private hospital that treats people on an emergency basis in its level 1 trauma center. The facility is equipped to resuscitate patients and is capable of treating adults as well as children who are suffering from serious illnesses and injuries. Those who need to receive these types of services may be taken to the medical facility's helipad by helicopter.

The people of Tufts Medical Center are attentive to the needs of their patients and their family members as well. To make it easier for families of cancer-stricken adults and children to be with their loved ones, the medical center built Neely House where these people can be near their family members who are having treatment.

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